Spirit Traveler Diary #17

Callanish Stone Circle, Scotland

When I traveled to Scotland with my guides in meditation we went through a tunnel that was going east then north and defined by a darker sky than one lit with stars. My guides brought me to the Callanish standing stone circle and the moment we stepped onto the ground the stones started whispering to me. They were saying words I do not understand and their presence was warm and full of light. I walked through them asking why they were here and what they were used for.
As I look up I could see movement in the distance and quickly there were three beings standing before me. They were five feet tall and quite grey blue in color. They had the appearance of fairies that I had seen before but much bigger.

I asked them who are you? They said we are guarding these stones. We are from the same place the stones came from. We brought these rocks here to create a portal for our people. I asked “where are you from?” They said they are from Pleiades and so are the rocks. I asked “how long have they been here?” They said in the year 3247 B.C. they arrived. There were others already here but we came to create a way back for them.

I was looking around as they talked and the standing stones encircled us like a family. I asked “do you have physical bodies?” They said yes when they want to but they remain in spirit form most of the time. Their forms are a bit denser than spirit form because of where they are from and the energy they contain. They said our spirits were committed to the land. We are committed to the Earth now. We used sound to activate the stones and the vibration connects with Pleiades. They said there were many Pleiadians back then and now there is only a few. They also said the portal had closed due to the shift in the land and the standing stones no longer being activated.

I asked “are you related to the fairies?” They said we are much too tall to be fairies but have been mistaken for their kind. The fairies are from deep within the Earth. They arrived much earlier than we did. They have helped us over time and kept us quite hidden, teaching us how to survive on this planet. We have a way of changing our appearance that allows us to blend in with the rocks and the trees and the night. We are magical in nature as are all living beings. They told me their names and asked me to visit them in person. I promised I would. My guides took me back through the tunnel that sped us across time and space to my office.