Spirit Traveler Diary #2

When I arrived at Saint Winifred’s Well it was dark and the stars lit up the sky. My guides once again delivered me to a magical place here on the Earth. I went to the well which is a deep pool of water in a courtyard that was dark and cloaked in night air. Instinctually, I reached into the pool and put the sacred water where my body needed to heal and drank a small amount. I noticed as I reached in to the well, there was a glowing shimmer to the pool as if there were phosphorus in it.

All of a sudden, I saw a woman standing in front of me! I stood up to greet her. It was St. Winifred and she spoke to me telling me she knew who I was. She talked about the ancient site and how the Earth has certain places that are designated for healing and these waters are to be used for that purpose. She also warned to not forget the Earth has given much to mankind and taking care of her is our duty to receive such a gift.

I asked her how the well came about and she told me she was in love with a man who she was forbidden to marry and her heart was broken. She was so filled with sadness that one day while she prayed close to the Earth, water came up to the surface of the very place she had been.

Winifred told me it was her uncle who protected her and helped her with her sorrow. What she didn’t know at the time was that he had also secured a position with her family’s approval for her to becoming a nun, thus all suitors were turned away. Unaware of her uncle’s plan, Winifred told me she met a young man whom she fell in love with in the near by village. Her sites were set upon a relationship that could never be as he was a pagan and not approved of by her father. Her family’s harsh disapproval was not known to her until much later.

Winifred’s life was often in solitude as she explained she missed her opportunity for love and chose to be in service for a greater purpose. Contrary to the history books which state she was approached by a man whom she denied, and he became enraged thus cutting off her head apparently was not true according to Winifred. She states the man she was in love with and denied, was hunted down and killed. It was his head that was on a spike for display to uphold the power of the church. She said she had a vision about all of this coming to pass and without any possible recourse she devoted her life to God.

I noticed her devotion to God had cleared a pathway for her to heal and the loss of this love created an understanding and compassion that is present at the well.

Once we reviewed history and the healing energies of the well she informed me I had work to do that encompassed the globe and then she asked me to look to the east as she pointed to a star that represented what was to come. She told me my future and said I would return in person. She would appear again upon my arrival. This mystical place is filled with an energy that I did not want to leave. My guides brought me back with a deeper understanding of what happened to St. Winifred and the need to return to the well in person.