The Ugly Truth

We went to see the new movie Jupiter Ascending and as I passed by a couple seated in the aisle I carefully stepped over them apologizing telling the woman of this couple I was trying not to step on her. Mind you they did not stand up or move in the least to let us by. Her response was don’t worry if you step on me I will kick you! Really? Was I asleep when kindness and courtesy went out the window? I laughed and said ok…. a Gandhi moment for sure but her response is not my choice of attitudes for humanity. When will be become aware of all aspects of our nature and own up to the good, bad and the ugly? I recently watched a documentary film called Night will Fall that is footage from WWII of footage that was shot by soldiers and complied by Alfred Hitchcock and Sidney Bernstein in 1945. The hard truth of what happened in WWII inside the concentration camps was witnessed by these soldiers, who filmed the people still inside along with the thousands of bodies dead from starvation and disease. Yet as I watched I felt everyone should see this and witness the horror that befell the Jewish community only seventy years ago. Why? Because we tend to do exactly what Britain did when Hitchcock tried to release the film; they said we want the war to be over and not remind people of what we have all been through. I am sure the Jews did not feel that way as they were the ones to suffer unbelievable horrors. Similar horrors were depicted in Jupiter Ascending as they portrayed alien beings similar to the greys and reptilians. It was spectacular to see these aliens materialize and then disappear much in the way they actually maneuver today. We are spoon fed through science fiction what might be reality on another level. But keeping humanity dumbed down so we think it is all make believe keeps the illusion alive. If by some chance we discover it is real then we can be reminded it was all disclosed through Hollywood. My question is how long will it take for all of these truths to become a part of humanity’s consciousness so we stop repeating history? Change will always be a part of the human experience and the more we resist the more we will shove down the truth. Can we come to terms with the extreme nature of humans? The violence and inhuman horrors we create? Only if we have compassion and are willing to no longer be the victims or the perpetrators.

Loving everyone around the World; Sonja Grace