In every culture there is a belief in the human spirit.  People feel a connection to something greater than themselves but how they arrive at this feeling has been altered and changed over the history of mankind.  The power of the Earth and her dramatic changes kept humanity aware that there was something much greater that determined their fate.  When technology moved into the forefront we gained a power of perception that no one had ever experienced in earlier centuries.  We could in fact watch the weather on the other side of the planet and move about according to what we could see coming via satellite.  This technological advance has connected us around the world and yet it has also kept us from the Earth.  We no longer listen to the wind and watch the color of the light change.  Our senses have dulled as we rely upon the computer to tell us the temperature outside and the weather in the country that we are traveling to.  Finding balance between Earth and technology is the challenge of the future.

As a living and breathing being, the Earth makes her adjustments with all who live upon her surface.  This is a delicate balance of nature and the impact we are having to the environment.  We work, raise our children and watch the passing of loved ones while the Earth continues her cycle measured by the sun, moon and seasons.

At the heart of mankind is an infectious spark that is directly related to our source.  It is called hope.  Inside of each of us there is a desire to live, protect and survive.  This fight or flight mode is directly linked to our wellspring of hope.  We are not challenged as we were in the past with the direct response to fight or flight.  Tribal wars, the plague and hungry animals larger than us are no longer a threat in many places around the world.  Where this threat still exists there is a strong thread to living closely with the Earth.   Extreme conditions will create that connection and drive us to fight or flight with the hope we will survive.  We are disconnected from our survival skills and our hope.

When we think about the future there are many concerns environmentally and financially.  We tend to lose sight of the fact that the Earth is our home and we are completely dependent upon her for survival.  Take the time to go outside and reconnect with her.  While you are experiencing this very organic reunion remember your well of hope deep inside your soul.  You have been here lifetimes and remembering who you are and clearing your karma will reconnect you with your hope. For it is your belief in something greater than yourself that has helped you arrive at where you are today and that connection to Divine Love goes straight into your soul and ignites the hope that you carry for all living things.

Many Blessings;

Sonja Grace


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