Spirit Traveler Diary #13

Tiwanaku Bolivia, South America

My guides took me by the hand and once again we traveled over land and sea through the eithers this time inside of the realms to Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco high in the Andes in Bolivia. The sacred site we were visiting is the ruins of Tiwanaku (also called Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu) which are an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site in Bolivia, South America.

When we arrived we were standing in front of what is called the gateway to the sun. A tall man who was surrounded with a white glowing aura approached us and said he was from the White Brotherhood otherwise known as the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom or the Ascended masters. He was fair in appearance and spoke in a soft gentle voice. He told me he was from a sector of Pleiades and his people had built this ancient site.

He said all of the beings that were from his planet who helped build Tiwanaku were depicted in the faces in the wall. He said we also appeared with masks on when we arrived much like other cultures that have come to Earth. We disguised ourselves as our appearance was shocking to the current cultures and would have revealed that they were from and he pointed up towards the stars.

The main statue in front of the gateway to the sun was their leader. He is responsible for saving their planet and bring the light back to them. He explained that the connection to the light at the time of the Spring Equinox is important as it symbolizes when they come through to the Earth and what was taken back to their planet that saved them. This was also the signal to the early inhabitants of this region that they were coming.

Many have marked the Spring Equinox as the light moves through the stone structure in a way that only happens but once a year. When I asked what their leader brought back that saved their culture he said the light. He then showed me deep in the Earth a crystal that holds the light and this is what was carried all the way back to Pleiades.

He said we have harvested many resources from the Earth to make our planet what it is today and we mean you no harm. We will be back to gather many humans to live on our planet. We have cultivated intelligence and love and through the architecture here at Tiwanaku we have left a map that describes where we are from and what our purpose is in coming to Earth. He then led me to the opening of the gateway to the sun. He said this is a portal to our planet.

While standing there with my guides and this radiant being I saw something cross through the portal entering back through to Earth. I asked what that was. He said a Yugsema. These are the beings that came through the portal and disrupted humanity from another galaxy. I observed the Yugsema and felt a wild, disruptive energy in this being. Suddenly the Ascended Master sent it back through the portal.

( I looked up Yugsema after I came back and found nothing but found the word Yungar. This word represents a stretch of forest along the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains from southeastern Peru to central Bolivia.) I asked my guides if this name Yungar is related to the name of these beings Yugsema and they said yes!

He then asked me if we would like to go through the portal with him to his native home in Pleiades. I with my guides accepted the invitation and we traveled like we had from other portals around the world through what looks like a worm hole that time and space moves much faster in thus shooting us out at the other end right onto the planet.

We stood on a beautiful landscape that had rich color with flora and fauna. There were more colors than here on Earth due to the vibration of these people and their planet. Purples and blues were everywhere amongst the green of the landscape. He said the crystal that their leader brought back delivered them out of a long spell of darkness and their world was restored.

He spoke to us about the people there and what kind of lives they lead. They were very peaceful and had no need for weapons or fighting. They are the polar opposite of this planet and have completely done away with any need for authority other than different leaders from time to time creating new pathways for travel and study around the Universe. No one is for want and they all have enough resources that their daily lives are simply to enrich their spiritual intellects.

He went on to explain they were very careful when they came to Earth and considered every blade of grass and every stone that was moved. He said they did not want to hurt anyone or any part of the Earth.

Although history books have this sacred site dated back to 1000 B.C. he clearly stated they built this site in 8000 B.C. and the remote tribes of the Andes worshiped them as Gods.

We came back from this beautiful planet having gained new knowledge of an ancient culture that left lasting marks on Earth. Arriving through the portal we took one last look at the sacred site and then came back through the realms to the very place I sat in meditation. There is now a bridge that is between me and this culture that will continue in conversation as I travel in spirit.