Spirit Traveler Diary #14

As I headed for the mountains I witnessed huge portals along the way in the vast wilderness. These portals reached the length of football fields and more and the energy within them was highly charged as I could see sheets of color and vibration coming through each one. When I arrived at the mountains there was a portal that was in the back yard of the cabin I was in next to the creek. It was about 8 feet by 8 feet and had a very gentle energy coming through. I sat down in meditation inside the portal. All of a sudden an extraterrestrial being was standing in front of me. He said you need to come with me as I have something to show you. This being had an appearance I had never seen before and was not menacing in anyway. I said I would go with him and he put his hands gently on my shoulders and we started going up. We went up at such a speed I felt the skin on my face pulling back with the movement. It seemed like hours before we reached our destination. Finally we stopped and I looked around the dark deep space we were standing in and I asked where are we? He said we are at the center of the Universe. I could see stars faintly in the distance and a white milky substance that was like thick clouds all around us. He said I want you to step into this white milky substance. I said why? He said it is the reason I brought you here! So I stepped in and all of a sudden as if every cell in my body burst with the most intense joy I was standing there filled with bliss, smiling, crying and laughing … I was unable to do anything else but bath in the bliss I had stepped into. He said this is Divine Love. This is where Divine Love comes from and I brought you here so that you would take this back to the human race and share this. It is now in every cell of your body and radiates from you like a light… take this energy back to Earth and remind the people of this. I said I would and with a longing to stay, we prepared to depart. We went all the way back to where my humble body sat in meditation and like a child I said please can we go back. He took me back a second time and I experience the bliss in a continual stream of consciousness. We returned and it was already dusk. I ask my husband who appeared in the back yard where was I and what time was it? Quite disoriented I recounted what had happened and found I had been gone for four hours! I have since connected many people to the experience of Divine Love.